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Wisconsin Compliance

Reporting of Claim by Employer DWD 80.02

An employer covered by the provisions of ch. 102, Stats., shall, within one day after the death of an employee due to a compensable injury, report the death to the department and the employer's insurance carrier by telegraph, telephone, letter, facsimile transmission or other means authorized by the department on a case−by−case basis as communication technologies change. An insured employer shall also notify its insurance carrier of a compensable injury within 7 days after the accident or beginning of a disability from occupational disease related to the employee's compensable injury.

Retention of Records Wis. Stat 102.37

Every employer of 3 or more persons and every employer who is subject to this chapter shall keep a record of all accidents causing death or disability of any employee while performing services growing out of and incidental to the employment. This record shall give the name, address, age, and wages of the deceased or injured employee, the time and causes of the accident, the nature and extent of the injury, and any other information the department may require by rule or general order. Reports based upon this record shall be furnished to the department at such times and in such manner as the department may require by rule or general order, in a format approved by the department