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Texas Compliance

Posting Requirements RULE 110.101

If you buy workers' compensation insurance, you are considered a "subscriber." As a subscriber, you will be required to post a notice at your work place that provides your insurance carrier's name, information regarding the Ombudsman program at the Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers' Compensation (Division), and a contact number for reporting unsafe work conditions. This notice must be placed in the employer's personnel office and in a prominent place where employees can see it regularly.

Notice 6 - Notice to Employees Concerning Workers Compensation in Texas

Notice 6 - Spanish

Notice 6 - Rule

You are also required to give written notice of your coverage to new employees upon hire and inform them of their right to reject your workers' compensation coverage and retain their common law right for action in district court. If at any time your coverage lapses and then you obtain coverage again, you are required to give all employees this change of coverage information in writing.

New Employee Notice

If you do not carry workers' compensation insurance coverage, you are considered a "non-subscriber," and you must notify your employees and the Division that you do not have workers' compensation insurance

Notices in English, Spanish and any other language common to the employer's employee population must be posted and prominently displayed in the employer's personnel office, if any; and located about the workplace in such a way that each employee is likely to see the notice on a regular basis;

DWC 5 - Employer Notice of No Coverage or Termination of Coverage

Notice 5 - Notice to Employees Concerning Workers Compensation in Texas

Failure to post or to provide notice as required in the rule is a violation of the Act and Division rules. The violator may be subject to administrative penalties.