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Tennessee Compliance

Reporting of Claim by Employer 0800-2-01-.05 0800-2-14-.03

50-6-201 [Applicable to injuries occurring on and after July 1, 2014.]

50-6-201 [Applicable to injuries occurring prior to July 1, 2014.]

In order to ensure that claims are acted on promptly, employers should report verbally or in writing all known or reported accidents to their insurer within one working day of knowledge of injury. The Form C-20 must be filed by the employer, self-insured employer, and/or insurer with the Division in all cases where the injury or illness results in the receipt of medical treatment outside of the employer premises, absence from work, retention of a permanent impairment, or death. The requirement to file does not differ based upon the number of days between the injury or illness and the day of return to work.

An employer must accept any notice of a claim for workers' compensation benefits from any employee or emplovee's representative alleqinq an injury.

Employers, must report the injuries or illnesses to their "adjusting entity" within 1 business day of knowledge of the injury or illness