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Oregon Compliance

Posting Requirements ORS 656.056

All employers in Oregon who are required to provide workers' compensation coverage must display a Notice of Compliance poster in a central gathering area. (ex. breakroom)

Each poster includes workers' compensation information to help workers and employers provide current insurance information to health care providers at the time of injury to speed up the claim process.

Employers will automatically receive a Notice of Compliance poster when they first get compensation coverage or change coverage providers.

Once you have the posting notice, it remains valid and without need to update the posting as long as the policy remains active. You are allowed to make and post copies of valid posters. If the policyholder, employer name, or the insurer changes, you will automatically receive a new poster. A change in the policy number, which is a common practice at annual renewal, does not require a new posting notice as long as the other elements remain the same.

Ordering information:
If you wish to replace your Notice of Compliance poster with a newer form, you can order an English poster or Spanish supplement online at: