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Oregon Compliance

Physician Selection ORS 656.245

The employee has the choice of physician. Unless the insurer has enrolled in a managed care organization (MCO), the employee may be treated by any doctor who qualifies as an attending physician under Oregon law.

If the employer is covered by an MCO contract, the insurer may enroll the employee with the MCO at any time after the injury, and the employee may be required to pick an MCO doctor. The insurer must give the employee a list of providers with the enrollment notice. After enrollment, if the employee has a regular doctor who is a family practitioner, general practitioner, or internal medicine specialist, he or she may continue to treat if treatment is provided according to the MCO contract.

The employee may change doctors two times. Additional changes require approval from the insurer or the Workers' Compensation Division. If the employee does change doctors, they must fill out Form 827 at the doctor's office.