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Oklahoma Compliance

Physician Selection 85A O.S. 50 (eff. 8/23/2013)

The employer shall have the right to choose the treating physician.


If the employer fails or neglects to provide medical treatment within 5 days after actual knowledge is received of an injury, the injured employee may select a physician to provide medical treatment at the expense of the employer. The injured employee may obtain emergency treatment at the expense of the employer if the emergency treatment is not provided by the employer.

Change of Physician

When an employee is not covered by a managed care plan, the employee may be granted one change of physician for an affected body part. The employer may object and be granted a hearing. A change of physician is prohibited for a body part unless authorized treatment for the body part was provided within 180 days before the request for change of physician was filed. There is a maximum of 2 changes of physician per claim regardless of the number of body parts injured.

Effective 2/1/2014 85A O.S. 56

If the employer has previously contracted with a certified workplace medical plan, the employer shall select for the injured employee a treating physician from the physicians listed within the network of the certified workplace medical plan. The employee may apply for a change of physician by utilizing the dispute resolution process set out in the certified workplace medical plan on file with the State Department of Health.


If the employer is not covered by a certified workplace medical plan, the employer shall select the treating physician. The Commission on application of the employee shall order one change of treating physician. Upon the Commission's granting of the application, the employer shall provide a list of three physicians from whom the employee may select the replacement.