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New York Compliance

Reporting of Claim by Employer  110

The employer reports the injury to the Board and the insurance company on Form (C-2F) Employer's Report of Work-Related Injury/Illness  within 10 days of notification of the accident. C2F Instructions

Board Rule 300.37 calls for employers to distribute a "Claimant Information Packet" to workers at the time of their injury or illness. The rule defines the elements that should appear in that document, which include information on

  • Filing a claim
  • Providing notice
  • Hiring representation
  • Obtaining health care
  • Using a carrier's designated pharmacies and diagnostic testing networks

The Board has incorporated those items in a document which, when combined with Form C-3, Employee's Claim, and Form C-3.3, Limited Release of Health Information (HIPAA), constitutes the Claimant Information Packet. Employers can comply with Board Rule 300.37 by distributing the Packet to their workers when they become aware of any injury or work-related illness.

Injured On The Job Pamphlet

While not mentioned in Board Rule 300.37, the Board's Injured on the Job pamphlet was also revised. This document, directed toward claimants, has long been used by workers' compensation stakeholders. It contains helpful details about accessing benefits and the claimant's rights within the New York workers' compensation system. Employers and carriers may distribute the Injured on the Job pamphlet to workers in addition to the mandatory Claimant Information Packet.