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New York Compliance

Physician Selection WCL 13-a

The worker is free to choose any physician, chiropractor, podiatrist, or psychologist authorized to give medical care by the Chairman of the Workers' Compensation Board. 

If the employer has selected a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)the employee must seek initial treatment from the PPO. If the employee is dissatisfied with his/her medical provider after initial treatment, he/she may select another authorized provider outside the PPO after 30 days of initial treatment.

The employer will have the right to transfer the care of an injured employee from the attending physician, whether chosen originally by the employee or by the employer, to another authorized physician (1) if the interest of the injured employee necessitates the transfer or (2) if the physician has not been authorized to treat injured employees under this act or (3) if he has not been authorized under this act to treat the particular injury or condition as provided by 13-b (2)