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Nebraska Compliance

Physician Selection  Rule 50   48-120,

There are rules about whether the employee or employer chooses the doctor. The employee has the right to select a physician who has maintained the medical records of the employee (or an immediate family member) when the employer notifies the employee of this right. If the employee does not have or does not choose such a physician, then the employer may select the physician. The initial choice of physician, when chosen by the employee or employer after the employer notifies the employee of the right to choose, can only be changed when both the employee and the employer agree on the change or the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court orders the change. If the employer does not give proper notice to the employee regarding the right of selection, then the restrictions on changing physicians do not apply and the employee has the right to select any physician. The employee also may select a physician to perform a major surgical operation or in cases involving dismemberment.

“Physician” means any person licensed to practice medicine and surgery, osteopathic medicine, chiropractic, podiatry, or dentistry in the State of Nebraska or in the state in which the physician is practicing