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North Dakota Compliance

Physician Selection 65-05-28.2  65-05-28

In an emergency:

  • Seek immediate medical care at the nearest emergency room
  • Notify the health care provider that the injury is a workers' compensation injury
  • As soon as possible after the injury occurred, notify the employer

In all other instances:

  • Inform the employer of the injury before seeking medical care
    • All injuries, no matter how small, should be reported to the employer
  • If the employer has a Designated Medical Provider (DMP)
    • Employees are required to see the company’s DMP for medical care
    • Unless the employee has previously informed the employer, in writing, of a different medical provider selection before any injury occurred they must see the DMP
    • Employee may request to change providers with WSI after 30 days of treatment by the DMP contact WSI to request a Change of Doctor form (C6)
  • If the employer does not have a DMP
    • Employee may seek treatment from the medical provider of their choice
    • For a change of drs written authorization from WSI is needed. Request a Change of Doctor form (C6)

WSI will monitor the employees medical treatment to make sure they are receiving quality and appropriate medical care for their injury. When warranted, WSI may require the employee  to change doctors or transfer care.