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North Carolina Compliance

Reporting of Claim by Employer Statute 97-92, Rule 11 NCAC 23A. 0104

An employer must immediately report to its Workers' Compensation insurance carrier any injury or occupational disease, or allegation by an employee of an injury or occupational disease, sustained in the course of employment for which the attention of a physician is needed or actually sought.

If an injury or alleged injury causes the employee to be absent from work for more than one day, or the employee's medical expenses are greater than $2000.00, the employer or carrier must file with the Industrial Commission a Form 19 "Employer's Report of Employee's Injury to the Industrial Commission" within 5 days of learning of the injury or allegation.

In addition to providing the Form 19 to the employee, the employer or carrier/administrator must also provide a blank Form 18 for use by the employee.