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Mississippi Compliance

Reporting of Claim by Employer

Employers should complete and file a first report of injury (FROI) with their carrier or third party administrator immediately upon receiving notice of an injury, if the injury requires a loss of more than the shift on which the injury occurs. If the injury causes lost time in excess of five days, or if the injury results in permanent impairment, the carrier or third party administrator must file the form with the Mississippi Workers' Compensation Commission. The Commission will return a file number to be used for any future filings related to the claim. The statute contemplates such filing within ten days of the employer's notice of the injury or notice that the injury has resulted in lost time in excess of the waiting period or permanent impairment.    See Miss. Code Ann. §71-3-67

B-3 (IAIABC IA-1) Employer's First Report of Injury or Occupational Disease

The failure to file a First Report of Injury has resulted in court decisions refusing to apply the two year statute of limitation on a claim and has served as the basis for an employer to become a defendant in bad faith litigation