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Mississippi Compliance

Physician Selection MCA 71-3-15

The Workers' Compensation Law provides that an injured worker has the right to select one physician or medical provider of his or her own choosing to render treatment. This chosen provider may make one referral of the worker to another specialist to continue treatment without any approval from the employer or its insurance carrier.  An employee is not limited to a specific type of treating physician. In other words, they may choose a chiropractor as a general practioner. (there is a limit to chiropractic treatment per the medical fee schedule)

A physician to whom the employee is referred by his employer does not count as the employee's choice unless accepted as his or her choice in writing. However, if the employee is treated for his alleged work-related injury or occupational disease by a physician for six (6) months or longer, or if the employee has surgery for the alleged work-related injury or occupational disease performed by a physician, then that physician will be deemed the employee's selection. 

Any additional selections or referrals must be approved in advance by the employer or its insurance carrier.  The worker is also entitled to mileage reimbursement or trips to the doctor.

The employee's choice of physician is limited to an area reasonably convenient to the injury or the residence of the claimant.