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Missouri Compliance

Posting Requirements 287.127

All employers must post a notice at their place of employment, in a sufficient number of places on the premises to assure that the notice will reasonably be seen by all employees. An employer who has employees who may not reasonably be expected to see a posted notice must notify each employee in writing of the contents of the notice.

The notice must include:

(1) That the employer is operating under and subject to the provisions of the Missouri workers' compensation law;

(2) That employees must report all injuries immediately to the employer by advising the employer personally, the employer's designated individual or the employee's immediate boss, supervisor or foreman and that the employee may lose the right to receive compensation if the injury or illness is not reported within 30 days or in the case of occupational illness or disease, within 30 days of the time he or she is reasonably aware of work relatedness of the injury or illness; employees who fail to notify their employer within 30 days may jeopardize their ability to receive compensation, and any other benefits under this chapter;

(3) The name, address and telephone number of the insurer, if insured. If self-insured, the name, address and telephone number of the employer's designated individual responsible for reporting injuries or the name, address and telephone number of the adjusting company or service company designated by the employer to handle workers' compensation matters;

(4) The name, address and the toll-free telephone number of the division of workers' compensation;

(5) That the employer will supply, upon request, additional information provided by the division of workers' compensation;

(6) That a fraudulent action by the employer, employee or any other person is unlawful

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Any employer who willfully violates the provisions of this section is guilty of a class A misdemeanor and can be punished by a fine of not less than $50 nor more than $1,000, or by imprisonment in the county jail for not more than 6 months or by both fine and imprisonment, and each violation or each day the violation continues will be deemed a separate offense