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Missouri Compliance


Physician Selection 287.140 RSMo.

Missouri law allows employers to select the physician or health care provider to treat their injured employees.

In many case the employer allows the insurance carrier to make the choice. Most employers choose a general practitioner or an occupational health physician as their primary care physician. Either of these physicians is capable of treating most injuries and referring serious injuries to proper medical specialists. Employers may choose specific medical specialists such as an orthopedic surgeon. A primary care physician should be notified in advance if referrals to individual specialists are desired. The employer/insurer does have a qualified right to select or authorize a change in physician if the employer/insurer disagrees with the authorized treating physician.

It is important to note that while the employer usually delegates the right to select the health care providers to the insurance company, it is the employer's right. Therefore, if the employer and the insurance company disagree on this matter, the employer's wishes should prevail.

If the employee desires, he has the right to select his own physician, surgeon, or other such requirement at his own expense.