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Minnesota Compliance

Physician Selection

Employees may choose their health care provider for treatment of a work-related injury. An employer may require an employee to see a designated health care provider for treatment only in the following circumstances.

  •   An employer may require an employee to receive treatment and supplies from a managed care plan certified under  176.1351 except as otherwise provided by        that law and corresponding laws  Rules Chapter 5218.
  •   An employer that is part of a collective bargaining agreement, recognized and on file with the department, may include a provision specifying a list of health care      providers that may be the exclusive providers of medical and related treatment and independent medical examinations  176.1812
  •   An employer may require an employee to obtain outpatient prescription and nonprescription medications from a pharmacy or network of pharmacies as long as         it is within 15 miles of the employee's residence 176.135, Subd. 1(g)