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Minnesota Compliance

Physician Selection

The employee has the right to choose the physician unless the employer participates in a workers' compensation certified managed care plan. Then the employee may choose from a list of providers in the plan. A certified managed care plan is an organization that has been certified by the state to manage health care for injured workers. The employee is not required to receive treatment from a doctor in a plan or network that is not certified.

The employee must go to a provider in the certified managed care plan unless:

  • They need emergency medical care;
  • They want to be receive care from another health care provider who is able to treat the injury and has treated them at least twice in the last two years or who has a documented history of treating them; or
  • They live or work too far from a health care provider in the plan. (There is a 30-mile limit in the seven-county Twin Cities area and a 50-mile limit in all other areas.)