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Michigan Compliance

Reporting of Claim by Employer Rule 1

If an injury results in death, a specific loss, or a disability of seven days or more, the employer is required to report that injury to the agency on a Form WC-100.

An employer must give a copy of the report of injury (form 100) to the injured employee immediately, and in the case of death, to the dependent. Form 100 indicates compliance with this requirement. A delay in reporting will not occur because of this requirement.

In the case of death, Form WC-106 must also be filed.


Record Retention 418.805

Every employer who is subject to this act shall keep a record of all injuries causing death or disability of any employee arising out of and in the course of the employment, which record shall give the name, address, age, wages of the deceased or disabled employee, the time and cause of the accident, the nature and extent of the injury and disability and such other information as the director may reasonably require. Reports based upon such record shall be furnished to the bureau at such times and in such manner as the director may reasonably require.