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Kansas Compliance

Physician Selection KSA 44-510h

Employers are legally entitled to choose the treating physician.

If an employee self-selects a physician who is not authorized or agreed upon by the employer, the employer is responsible for only the first $500 in medical bills form such self-selected physicians.

If the director finds, upon application of an injured employee, that the services of the health care provider furnished are not satisfactory, the director may authorize the appointment of some other health care provider. In any such case, the employer shall submit the names of three health care providers who, if possible given the availability of local health care providers, are not associated in practice together. The injured employee may select one from the list who shall be the authorized treating health care provider. If the injured employee is unable to obtain satisfactory services from any of the health care providers submitted by the employer under this paragraph, either party or both parties may request the director to select a treating health care provider.