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Physician Selection IC 72-432

The employer has the choice of physician. If a company physician has been selected, it is reasonable to send all non-life-threatening injuries to that physician for care. If no designated physician is assigned, the employee may select the physician of his or her choice for initial treatment.

The commission will have the authority to order a change of physician, when in its judgment the change is desirable or necessary.

The employee upon reasonable grounds, may petition the commission for a change of physician to be provided by the employer; however, the employee must give written notice to the employer or surety of the employee's request for a change of physicians to give the employer the opportunity to fulfill its obligations. If proper notice is not given, the employer is not obligated to pay for the services obtained. The attending physician is authorized to allow for consultation, referral or specialized care without permission of the employer. Upon receiving written notice, the employer will render its written decision on the claimant's request within fourteen (14) days. If any dispute arises over the issue of a request for change of physician, the industrial commission will conduct a hearing to determine whether or not the request for change of physician should be granted, and will render a decision within fourteen (14) days after the filing of the response by the employer.

 Petition for Change of Physician 

 Response To Petition For Change Of Physician