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Georgia Compliance

Posting Requirements     O.G.C.A 34-9-81.1, Rule 61 

All employers operating under the Georgia Workers' Compensation Law must post notice on durable material publicly and permanently in a conspicuous place in each business location. Upon request, the Board will furnish suitable notices free of charge. The notice must be in a form that it can be understood by all employees and read as follows: This business operates under the Georgia Workers' Compensation Law. WORKERS MUST REPORT ALL ACCIDENTS IMMEDIATELY TO THE EMPLOYER BY ADVISING THE EMPLOYER PERSONALLY, OR AN AGENT, REPRESENTATIVE, BOSS, SUPERVISOR OR FOREMAN OF THE EMPLOYER. 

The insurance company's name must be posted, or if self-insured, the certificate of self-insurance must be posted in a prominent place. 

Any person who fails or refuses to comply is subject to an administrative fine not to exceed $1,000.00. 

Panel of Physicians Posting requirement: 

The employer must post the appropriate posting notice with the Panel of Physicians, completely filled out, in a conspicuous place in every location. Must be printed and posted on legal size (8 1/2 x 14) paper. 

Panel of Physicians 

Panel of Physicians in Spanish