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Florida Compliance

Posting Requirements FS 440.40, FAC 69L-6.007.

The law requires every employer who has secured workers' compensation coverage to post, in a conspicuous location, the poster developed by the Division of Workers' Compensation (Broken Arm poster).

The following information must be included on the compensation notice if the employer is insured through a commercial insurer;

(a) The name and address of the employer; and

(b) The name and address of the insurer, the employer's current workers' compensation insurance policy number, the effective date of coverage of that policy and the expiration date of the policy.

The following information must be included on the compensation notice if the employer is self-insured through a self-insurance fund:

(a) The name and address of the employer;

(b) The name of self-insurers fund to which the employer belongs;

(c) The employer's membership number;

(d) The effective date of coverage; and

(e) The service agent employer's account number.

The compensation notice may also include such other information, in addition to information required above, as the insurer or self-insurance fund may desire concerning accident reports, the names of physicians, or other pertinent information.

The compensation notice must be printed on paper or cardboard stock 11 inches by 17 inches

Broken Arm Poster [PDF 11x17]


Broken Arm Poster (Spanish) [PDF 11x17]

Per the Division of Workers' Compensation, there is no penalty for failing to post the Broken Arm poster.

If an employer outside the construction industry with fewer than four employees chooses not to secure the workers' compensation coverage, he must post clear written notice in a conspicuous location at each work site telling the employees and others of their lack of entitlement to workers' compensation. FS 440.055

There is no Division mandated form for this notice. It must simply state that the employer is not required to secure workers' compensation coverage and that the employer does not have coverage.

The employer must also post the Anti-Fraud poster