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Florida Compliance

Physician Selection

The employer/carrier/servicing agent has choice of physician. FS 440.13(2)(c) If medical care is provided through a managed care arrangement, the employee can choose a doctor from the list of physicians provided by the employer's managed care arrangement or insurance carrier. FS 440.134

The physician must be a "certified health care provider" certified by the Agency for Health Care Administration" (AHCA) FS 440.13(1)(q), FS 440.13(3)(a)

Upon the written request of the employee, the carrier shall give the employee the opportunity for one change of physician during the course of treatment for any one accident. The carrier must authorize a change of physician within five days after receiving the request.If the carrier fails to respond within five days, the employee may select the physician who is then deemed authorized. FS 440.13(2)(f)

If the employee goes to a doctor other than one that is authorized, they may have to pay for their own medical bills except that that an employee may seek unauthorized care at the carriers expense if the carrier fails to provide care within a reasonable time after the care is requested. This applies only to initial treatment. FS 440.13(2)(c)