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Florida Compliance

Penalties for Late Reporting

Any employer or carrier who fails or refuses to timely send any form, report, or notice is subject to an administrative fine by the department not to exceed $500 for each failure or refusal. FS 440.185(9)

However, any employer who fails to notify the carrier of the injury on the prescribed form or by letter within the 7 days required is liable for the administrative fine, which will be paid by the employer and not the carrier. FS 440.185(9)

Failure by the employer to timely file the notice does not relieve the carrier from liability for the administrative fine if it fails to comply with its duties to send the informational brochure or file required documents. FS 440.185(9)

Fines for untimely filing:

  • $100 for 1-7 days late
  • $200 for 8-14 days late
  • $300 for 15-21 days late
  • $400 for 22-28 days late
  • $500 for over 28 days late.

This applies to employer filing late with carrier and carrier filing late with Division.

Rule 69L-24.006