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Connecticut Compliance

Posting Requirements Statute 31-294c, Rules 31-279(b)-3   31-279 (b)-4

Each place of employment subject to Workers' Compensation must post a notice in a place readily accessible to all employees. 

The information in the notice will be kept current by each employer to whom a certificate of solvency has been issued, and will be revised by each insured employer each time a new policy of workers' compensation insurance is issued to it.

Effective October 1, 2017, any employer other than the state or a municipality may opt to post the location to which an employee must send a claim for workers' compensation benefits.

If an employer chooses to designate a location for employee claims, notice must be posted where other posters required by law are displayed in the workplace.
When an employer opts into this new provision, it is required to send the same address information it has posted in its workplace to the Workers' Compensation Commission.

When an employer opts into this new provision, it is the employer's sole responsibility to ensure that the information posted in the workplace, and that submitted to the Commission for posting on its website, is accurate, and consistent with each other.


Penalties 31-288(a)

If an employer wilfully fails to conform, the fine is not more than $250 for each such failure.