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Physician Selection

The employee has the initial choice of physician. If the employer is self-insured, the employer may choose physician, except in emergencies.

An employer can direct an injured employee to a physician of the employer's choice for a one-time evaluation. Following that visit, the injured worker may return to that physician or pursue treatment with a physician of his/her choice.

When an accident occurs to an employee, the employer may designate in writing a physician chosen by the employer, who shall be permitted by the employee, or any person in charge of the employee, to make one examination of the injured employee in order to ascertain the character and extent of the injury occasioned by the accident. ARS 23-908

Change of Physician

The Commission will authorize a change of physician if: R20-5-113

1. The Commission determines that the health, life, or recovery of a claimant is retarded, endangered, or impaired;
2. The attending physician agrees to the change or is unavailable to continue treatment;
3. The Commission determines that the relationship between the attending physician and claimant renders further progress or improvement unlikely;
4. The Commission determines that the claimant's recovery may be expedited by a change of physician or conditions of treatment; or
5. The insurance carrier agrees to the change

Except as provided in ARS 23-1070 and this subsection, a claimant who is examined by a physician under A.R.S. 23-908(E) is not required to obtain written authorization to change to another physician. If, however, the claimant continues to see, or treat with, a physician who the claimant initially saw or treated with under A.R.S. 23-908(E), then that physician is an attending physician and the claimant shall obtain written authorization to change under ARS 23-1071(B) if the claimant seeks to change to another physician

In 2011, A.R.S. 23-1062.02 was amended to add subsection C(2) that enables an employer, carrier, or the Commission to request a change of physician if the treating physician does not comply with the provisions of the statute. In this situation, a request to change physician should be filed with the Claims Division specifically stating that it is made pursuant to ARS 23-1062.02(C)(2). The Claims Division will refer the request to the Administrative Law Judge Division for investigation and resolution. If necessary, the matter will be set for hearing on an expedited basis.

Request to Change Doctors