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Arkansas Compliance

Physician Selection Ark. Code Ann. 11-9-508,

Employers or their insurance representatives have the right to choose doctor(s) to treat injured workers, but notice of these choices must be given to employees. If the employer's representative has a managed care organization (MCO) for work-related injuries, a health notice (Form H) must be posted at the business. MCO regulations are found in Rule 33.

If the employer fails to provide the medical services within a reasonable time after knowledge of the injury, the Workers' Compensation Commission may direct that the injured employee obtain the medical service at the expense of the employer, and any emergency treatment afforded the injured employee will be at the expense of the employer.

Change of Physician

The injured employee has the right to petition the commission for a one-time only change of physician to one who is associated with a managed care entity certified by the commission or is the regular treating physician of the employee who maintains the employee's medical records and with whom the employee has a bona fide doctor-patient relationship demonstrated by a history of regular treatment prior to the onset of the compensable injury, but only if the primary care physician agrees to refer the employee to a certified managed care entity for any specialized treatment, including physical therapy, and only if such primary care physician agrees to comply with all the rules, terms, and conditions regarding services performed by the managed care entity initially chosen by the employer.